The Band Cheer

In 2006, the then Drum Major, Ng Kher Lee had designed a cheer for the band in her efforts to bring the band’s spirit up to a higher level. The cheer was taught to the band after one marching practice when the band members were already tired. No doubt, this cheer had worked its charms. According to Kher Lee, she had got her ideas from a camp she attended in KL and also from a group’s cheer during our annual Band Camp. Until today, this cheer remains as the band’s official cheer. We now also call it, “The Kher Lee Cheer”.

Band: Hey WHAT?
DM: Introduce yourself!
Band: NO WAY!
DM: Introduce yourself!
Band: Ok…


St. 3 band’s got the dynamite!
Don’t mess with the dynamite!
Coz if you mess with the dynamite
You’ll go tick tick tick tick….
Tick tick tick tick….






DM: St. 3 band dynamite!
Band: BOOM!
DM: St. 3 band dynamite!

HU HA! *clap clap* HU HA! *clap clap*


DM: Everybody dance now~!
Band: *does percussion beats thrice*
DM: Let’s break it down now~!
Band: *does another percussion beat thrice*




    • carol
    • December 1st, 2008


    so there’s this other really old cheer that i don’t even know the origins of…

    “we are proud of who we are! we are proud of where we stand! (???) we are proud to be, the members of the sts band!”

    okay my comment marathon ends here.

    • Ryn, the saxo-girl
    • August 19th, 2012

    Haha.. Cheer Band! I like the way it sounds like >__<

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