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CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent (Singapore)’s Concert Band Visit to St. Teresa

On the 15th and 16th of November, the band was visited by Singapore’s CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent’s concert band. The visit was part of their cultural exchange trip to Sarawak, and we were more than happy to welcome them.

The first day started at 3:30 pm. Activities were kept to a minimum in consideration for our visitors who were exhausted from their afternoon flight.

We started with a short welcome speech from our Band Major. We then had a simple introduction of each member where one had to state her name, age, and the instrument she plays. Our members did well to ensure that the atmosphere was far from awkward as they cheerfully stood up and introduced themselves. The Singaporeans were no less enthusiastic, and the ice-breaking went smoothly.

After that the members were sent for sectionals with their added family members. The objective of the sectionals was to allow members of each section to bond among themselves and perhaps learn a few things. At 4:30 pm, the program’s participants were given light refreshments. Members then kept their instruments and ended the day’s program at 5:00 pm.


Our members (to the left of the photo), our visitors (to the right of the photo) and their teachers (at the back) listening intently as the Band Major gave her speech.

sectionals - flute

The flutes doing their warm-ups together.

sectionals - basses

Our visitors playing a song for the Basses.

The program continued the next day and this time our visitors arrived at 2:30 pm. It was finally time for some real action!

We started the day off as a full band. It was a combined band made up of two schools – definitely something new for our members! After the warm-ups, we played two simple pieces. CHIJ’s coach – Madam Tham Siew Haw – tried her hand at conducting “Hey Baby!”, and Mr Brian conducted “A Whole New World”. Both pieces were played beautifully.

After that, each school performed two pieces for each other. It was a refreshing experience as we had the opportunity to listen to and observe them from up close. Light refreshments were given after the performances.

Madam Tham conducts her band as our members spectate from the side.

Madam Tham conducting her band as our members spectate from the side.

After the light refreshments, everyone returned to the room for a workshop from Mr Brian, who played his trombone to demonstrate some of his points. The workshop was helpful as it also introduced ways to improve one’s musical performance.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. After a heartfelt gift exchange between the schools, everyone packed up. The program ended at 5:00 pm. Before our visitors departed, there was the expected group photo session at the school field (along with a couple of wefies). The sun shone beautifully that evening. Almost as though it was for the photo.

It was a wonderful program altogether and we will definitely miss our friends.

It was a beautiful evening. Almost as though it was made for this group photo.

Everyone looking absolutely photogenic.



Workshop By Mr Simon Ng

On the 24th of May, Mr Simon Ng, a well known band director came all the way from Singapore to visit our band through IMH. He taught us many new techniques and exposed us to a lot of information on Singaporean and Japanese bands. He visits Japanese bands very frequently and he is known as Mr. Takashi there. Mr Simon gave us suggestions to improve ourselves and he hopes to come back and visit us again to see how our band grows.


We are very thankful and grateful that he came over to Kuching to listen to us, voluntarily! He is a very friendly and respected band director. Thank you, Mr Simon!


Mr Simon and Mr Brian


The group photo with Mr Simon!


Band Workshop from Mr Mike Booty

On the 12th of March, we were given the opportunity to welcome Mr. Mike Booty, Chairman and Musical Director of the South Norfolk Youth Symphonic Band (SYNYSB) based in Diss, South Norfolk to our band, STS Band with much help from International Music House (IMH). SNYSB is an internationally well-known band as they give out as many as 30 concerts annually, touring many different countries and also won many international awards. We felt really honoured to be given a chance to meet him despite his tight schedule for the week. We appreciate his help very much as we learnt many many things through this workshop. He also exposed us to new and great new methods to guide the band 🙂

This is their official website, please take a look for more information on their band:

Here are the photos of the workshop:



Mr Mike conducting ‘Prince of Egypt’



Amber, our dear conductress 🙂



Mr Brian, our band director conducting ‘Titanic’ during the workshop




The clarinet section


Mr Mike guiding our band director on the pieces we played




Trombone section



Percussion section