Prize Giving Ceremony

The day after the City Parade, the results were out in the newspaper for each category.


We were so surprised and happy (of course) to see our band printed as 1st in the newspaper. Our hard work has definitely paid off. Weeks and weeks of tiring practices under the hot sun really did us well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Rovich for guiding us and instructing us throughout the practices, Mr Brian, teachers, water girls and to every single band member.


Miss Chong and Puan Chua ❤


Mr Rovich with the trophy 🙂

One band, one family!



TYT’s Birthday Celebration

On the 13th of September, our band was invited to be part of this year’s marching celebration in conjunction with Tuan Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak Tan Pehin Sri Abdul Taib’s 78th birthday. This year, they did a little change. All the bands were to play statically in front of the grand stand accompanying the contingents with music while they march. It was different but at least we got to experience it.


How we looked from the VIP section. 😀 Featuring our brothers from St Joseph Marching Band.



Kuching Street Parade

Earlier in the month of July, our band was invited to be part of this year’s Kuching Street Parade 2014 in honour of Kuching’s 26th anniversary. It was held on the 6th of September starting from  the Jublee Ground to Jalan Tan Sri William Tan up to Padang Merdeka, Kuching. From the information we obtained, we knew we’ll be marching a long way. We were also told there would be a competition where we were to perform for not more than 3 minutes based on the theme ‘The People’s Festival’.

Our marching practices started early in August. We were practicing 3 times a week; Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. All our practices were in the afternoon as the form 3s PT3 oral exams were in the morning so we had to practice under the hot scorching sun. Mr Rovich, our marching instructor, had a fantastic idea on how we were going to perform our classic ‘Kwek Mambo’ piece that would go great with this year’s theme.

As weeks went by, it was finally the day of the parade. Before we did anything, our tone had to be good! 740104987_61166

Brenda, the conductress, tuning the band.

We had to wait for our turn to perform. We were the 31st contingent meaning we had to wait for quite a long time. When it was finally our turn, the nerve started kicking in. We stayed positive and not think of winning but instead to just have fun.


After the competing part was over, all the weight on our shoulder was gone and we joined the rest of the contingents with full spirit. Soon, it got dark so we put on glow sticks on our uniforms.


But luck wasn’t always on our side. The weather just suddenly turned bad. It was pouring and rain spoils instruments so we ran for shelter. We thought that would be the end of this year’s parade until The Boys Brigade band came and asked if we could join them on entertaining the other contingents. We took turns playing songs and many other contingents came and danced along.740104908_70494


  Not long afterwards, the rain settled down. (Maybe because we played so well)  Then again, at one point, it started pouring again and it seemed like going back was the wisest thing we should be doing in order to keep the instruments save but we knew we should always finish what we started. We kept marching and gained many supporters along the way. The spectators all cheered for us which boosted up our spirits even higher.  Thank you, you all!



 Together, we have overcome all the obstacles together as a band and as the family we are.

2014’s Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of the year again! Our band’s most important meeting, the Annual General Meeting, was held on the 20th of July at Riverside Majestic Hotel and the theme was Royal Party. Everyone let their hair down, dressed up and just spoiled themselves with delicious food. The very special night was organised by the form 4’s. They did an amazing work on decorating the place. 




DSC_0034 (2)

Form 5’s grand entrance!

DSC_0053 f4


The night started off with a performance by the Form 4’s!

Mr Rovish, our marching instructor, also came prepared with a few songs for us!

DSC_0277 (2)

Performance after performance, it was finally time to hear a few speeches. 

DSC_0507 (2)

Mr Brian, our band’s Instructor, said a few encouraging words for us for the coming years. 




Our lovely form 5’s ❤ Thanks for the guidance, the memories and the love you’ve given and shared with all of us.

“Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not the end,

They simply mean I’ll miss you

Until we meet again!”







Concert Collaboration with IMH

Last week on the 28th of June, we the Symphonic Brass Band of St Teresa together with St Teresa’s Choir had our concert in collaboration with International Music House entitled ‘Una Noche de Música’ meaning a Night in Music. This magnificent concert was held at Archdiocesan Curia and Cathedral Pastoral Center located near St Joseph Cathedral.

After weeks and weeks of intensive practices and dancing rehearsals, we managed to pull off an amazing performance. For our part of the concert, we played Frozen (a newly composed piece by Mr. Brian, our instructor), John Williams, Prince of Egypt and Disney Spectacular. We also played Language of Our Hearts at the end of the event together with all the other performers.

For Disney Spectacular, we had to learn a few dance moves from Mr. Simon who was also the one conducting us for said piece. It was tough for all of us at first as some of us were required to stand on chairs and not being able to look at our piece but yet again, we managed to bring off a SPECTACULAR performance. It was definitely a great experience for all of us.



Getting ready to go on Stage!


Our first piece, Frozen! burggg it was cold.


St Teresa Symphonic Brass Band and IMH youth Orchestra!


Group photo with our dearest principal, Puan Mary John. 🙂





Koperasi Day

                On the 18th of June, our school had the annual Koperasi Day celebration. We started off the ceremony as usual with Negaraku and Ibu Pertiwiku. We also played Disney Spectacular for the performance part of the ceremony. The audience gave us their full attention which was great! Afterwards, our band sold ice cream, bracelets, brownies, puddings and orange juice and it was a big hit.


Band juniors preparing for the sale




Sports Day

                        Our school sport’s day was held on the 27th of May at the Jubilee Stadium. Traditionally, every year our band would be marching but due to the unexpected bad weather, we had to play under the shelter. Nevertheless, we played our marching songs, which were Abington Ridge, The Hustle and Sousa Spectacular energetically. It was definitely a new experience for all of us but we do hope to show our marching skills next year.