The Band Committee

STS Band Committee ’13/’14

President/Band Major : Serene Ong

Vice President/ Assistant Band Major : Sharon Chin

Conductress : Amber Wong

Secretary : Angel Chung

Vice Secretary : Alicia Lee

Treasurer : Mildred Rosabel

Uniform Mistress : Clara Chong

Duty Mistress : Kimberly Voon

Section Leaders :

Flute : Natalia Lee

Clarinet : Linda Ngu

Saxophone : Audrey Kho

Horn : Amanda Ngu

Trumpet : Gladys Tan

Trombone : Midori Ngieng

Basses : Rachel Jong

Percussion : Nadya Rudy

Band Committee ’12/’13

President: Angelene Chin
Vice President: Serene Ong
Drum Majorette: Nicole Phoo
Conductress: Heather Tan
Secretary: Amelia Jong
Vice-secretary: Angel Chung
Treasurer: Jennifer Choo
Uniform Mistress: Voon Geok Ting
Duty Mistress: Kong Tze Yee
Section Leaders:
Flute: Ashley Kho
Clarinet: Linda Ngu
Saxophone: Nur Alisha
Trumpet: Kimberly Voon
Trombone: Clara Chong
Horn: Tang Chew Ping
Basses: Rachel Jong
Percussion: Nadya Rudy

Band Committee ’11/’12 

President: Joan Ling

Vice President: Angelene Chin

Drum Majorette: Melody Chong

Conductress: Heather Ashley Tan

Secretary: Guinevere Liaw

Vice Secretary: Amelia Jong

Treasurer: Jennifer Choo

Uniform Mistress: Bridgette Philip

Duty Mistress: Aina Rashidah

Flute Section Leader: Yvonne Sharon

Clarinet Section Leader: Voon Geok Ting

Saxophone Section Leader: Nabilah Hazirah

Trumpet Section Leader: Gladys Tan

Trombone Section Leader: Mariana Peter

Horn Section Leader: Odilia Tang

Bass Section Leader:

Percussion Section Leader: Jennifer Choo


Band Committee ’10/’11

President: Michelle Goh
Drum Majorette: Sharon Melissa
Assistant Drum Majorette: Eleena Bakrie
Conductress: Christine Ling
Secretary: Valerie Ng
Vice-secretary: Rebecca Su
Treasurer: Amy Voon
Uniform Mistress: Martha Mardiana
Director: Valentina Lim
Section Leaders:
Flute: Joan Ling
Clarinet: Evelyn Eu
Saxophone:  Melody Chong
Trumpet: Sarah Lim
Trombone: Jacqueline Siaw
Horn: Angelene Chin
Basses: Martha Mardiana
Percussion: Eleena Bakrie

Band Committee ’09/’10

President: Stephanie Nina Menggu

Drum Majorette: Arlyenna binti Bujang Seran

Conductress: Estella Wong Su Teen

Secretary: Letitia Mejin

Assistant Secretary: Catherine Chong Sze Ling

Treasurer: Sharon Melissa Kon Jia Yi

Uniform Mistress: Ng Kher Ching

Flute Section Leader: Christine Ling

Clarinet Section Leader: Valerie Ng

Saxophone Section Leader: Clarissa Chai

Trumpet Section Leader: Nur Fazuin

Trombone Section Leader: Valentina Lim

Horn Section Leader: Sara William Juah

Tuba/Euphonium Section Leader: Martha Mardiana

Percussion Section Leader: Sharon Melissa


Band Committee ’08/’09 – Music with Chemistry!

President: Amanda Voon Yu Min


Amanda, our President, is the shortest among the committee. She walks fast and likes to work fast. However, she has an atrocious handwriting and an even worse sleeping style. She has the special ability to rotate 180 degrees in her sleep. Animals will make her voice perform an octave jump. She laughs at people’s silly mistakes and is observed to have a liking for polka dots. She aspires to control the world. The world is doomed.

Drum Majorette: Elizabeth Su Xin Li


Elizabeth is yet another drum majorette who is a trombonist. Trombonists are strong people. They exercise their arms regularly. Therefore, she is physically fit. She is extremely outgoing and actually does push ups and sit ups for fun. Physical exercises excites her. It must be the endorphins. Armed with a booming voice, she is not afraid to use it while marching. She is particularly strict about watches during marching. And… she bakes nice cookies. 🙂

Conductress: Ginny Tan Jia Sin


Ginny, our newly appointed Conductress, is a calm and patient person. She doesn’t rush and doesn’t get annoyed easily. She conducts gracefully as though she were controlling the air around her hands. She plays the saxophone, violin and piano. She has the neatest handwriting unlike those of Amanda’s. She is also generally very organised.

Assistant Conductress: Elaine Yong Fong Le


Ginny’s right hand. Elaine is the band’s concertmistress, in charged of tuning and warm ups. She helps Ginny to conduct whenever Ginny’s arms got tired. Like Ginny, she too plays the saxophone. Elaine requires quite a bit of waiting, be it in keeping her intrument or using the bathroom – especially in using the bathroom. She’s generally a kind person but noise sometimes ticks her off. Then, she will start sharing her piece of mind with the band.

Secretary: Lysandra Chua Szu Chee


Lysandra is the creative brain behind the band’s operations. She keeps track of the band’s activities and tries in her efforts to make every activity successful. Her creative ideas are what make band that much more interesting. She takes care of the band’s miscelleneous such as the arrangement of the notice board and the designing of the band tee. She laughs aloud to lame jokes.

Treasurer: Erica Thian Sing Kit


This is the band’s loan shark. It is no use to deny owing her money – she keeps at least 2 copies of debts records. She works well with the Uniform Mistress in the money making business (though it’s more like fining people). The two’s combination has no doubt made the band richer. Surprising, while they both love making people pay money, they are among the stingiest people alive. No money, no talk.

Uniform Mistress: Chong Lip Yi


Lip Yi is hyperactive. She gives the biggest reaction to anything and has the loudest laugh. Her gimmicks are peculiar. Amanda calls her clumsy. Others call her blur. Juniors call her immature. She is the first to play both the sousaphone and the bass guitar. Like Erica, she too keeps 3 sets of record of those who owe her money. It’s no use to deny owing her money either.

Flute Section Leader: Olivia Lee


Olivia dubbed our big momma cares about everybody’s welfare. She cares for the sick and takes excellent care of her juniors. She plays beautiful flute. She gives a ‘pop’ sound when tested with her English Critical Friend.

Clarinet Section Leader: Ng Kher Ching


Kher Ching is the eccentric Clarinet section leader. She’s loud and vibrant and is always excited. She is able to portray her excitement through vivid actions which will eventually lead to people dropping on the floor laughing at her. But with that amount of energy, she is able to lift the spirits of anybody near her.

Saxophone Section Leader: Stephanie Nina Menggu


Like all section leaders, Stephanie is also an energetic one. She is outgoing and outspoken. Once in the basses section, she is now the band’s sole baritone saxophonist. After being influenced by her fellow bizzare seniors, she too names her instrument and calls it her husband. She loves her instrument like peanut butter loves chocolate.

Trumpet Section Leader: Dae Iman Sluhi


Dae is our fun catalyst. Her gimmicks are outrageous. Her creativity is off the wall. She may be small but her presence is huge. She doesn’t understand Mandarin and is often left out whenever the committee accidentally switches to Chinese mode. Poor Dae. But she needn’t worry now that a rule has been made: Speak English at all times!

Trombone Section Leader: Amy Voon


Amy is tallest person in the whole band with a height of over 170cm. She towers over everybody. The size of her pinkie is the size of other people’s index finger. It’s scary. But despite her height, she doesn’t intimidate others. The sound of her trombone is as big as herself.

Horn Section Leader: Marilyn Voon Kai Wen


Marilyn is self-proclaimed sweet. Her nickname is ‘Gemuk’. She reacts to matching things. She has three favourite phrases, “Secret.”, “I dun geddit…” and “We all totally peng tiau ki.” Her phrases are contagious. But as silly as she may seem, she still plays good horn. She is the band’s first French horn player.

Tuba/Euphonium Section Leader: Michelle Tan Hui Yee


Michelle is an athlete. She can do splits. A lesson that seniors have learnt from past camps is to never chase Michelle Tan. Michelle is almost always high and optimistic. Sometimes, she fascinates over random things such as clouds. She is committed to her section and has succeeded in building the section up when it was weak.

Percussion Section Leader: Munirah Nurjannah


Munirah works things at her own pace. She keeps the percussion section organised what with its various instrument. She has an incredible sense of rhythm which shows in her playing. She has mastered several types of percussion instrument and is now passing her knowledge to her juniors.

  1. cool blog!i love it!nice work lip yii!awwww..miss u guys alot..!

  2. btw, congrats on becoming the new band committee!!do well!!=)

    • carol
    • December 1st, 2008

    “Elaine requires quite a bit of waiting, be it in keeping her instrument or using the bathroom – especially in using the bathroom.”

    *insert random stifled snort of empathetic laughter here*

    • Elizabeth
    • April 12th, 2009

    This site is so weirded man… so many stupid things… and so damned funny!!! i never knew what total ‘losers’ we all were… hahaha… lol…. i actually hurt my cheekbones when i read this… hehehe… and i still like push ups and sit ups… i love watches during marching also!!! WEAR WATCH YEA!!! MUAHAHAHA….. lol…

    • Dae Iman
    • February 21st, 2010

    wohohoho!! i never knew this existed. gosh!

    • Geraldine
    • January 20th, 2015

    My first reaction to this site was “WAAAHHHHHHH”… the juniors areso advanced!! hahaha…GOod job gurls.COngrats on all ur achievements to date. past and present.

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