Band At A Glance

The band, for each and everyone of its member is like a family. It is a society and a place for us to grow.

The St. Teresa’s Symphonic Brass Band can be divided into 8 different sections – 3 woodwind sections, 4 brass sections and the percussion. The woodwinds have flutes, clarinets and saxophones. Brasses – trumpets, trombones, horns and basses. An audition will be held for anyone who wishes to join the band to determine the section that she will enter.

Due to the concert held in 2006, some instruments were purchased to make the concert a greater success. A French horn, a baritone saxophone and a sousaphone were new additions to the band in 2006. With the baritone saxophone, the saxophone section, then consisted of only tenors and altos, can now form a complete saxophone ensemble. The sousaphone, also known as the marching tuba, has also solved the problem our tubists face during marching performances. Bells and timpani were also purchased in 2006 for the percussion section.

The Saxophone Ensemble

Though known as a symphonic brass band, St. Teresa’s Band is ever ready to embark on a journey to present a more varied repertoire for its audience. For that purpose, an electric piano and a bass guitar were purchased in early 2008. These new additions have enabled the band to perform not only symphonic pieces, but jazz and swing pieces as well. Among the pieces that have been performed by the band with these new instrument are Utada Hikaru’s Automatic, Chet Heflin’s Full Throttle Funk and Josef Zawinul’s Birdland.

To join the band, one does not need any musical background, though a musical background is always preferred. Band can offer free music lessons for anyone who has the heart to learn. Band stresses a lot on discipline and commitment. While band does not restrict one from joining other clubs, it does discourage one from joining one too many clubs. If one were to have other clubs, then band insists on being the first priority.

Insisting on being first

Band practices are held on Saturday mornings. Sectionals for both morning and afternoon sessions are held weekly on Tuesday morning (for afternoon session’s wind players), Wednesday morning (for afternoon session’s percussionists) and on Friday afternoon (for all morning sessions). Marching practices are held weekly.

However, while band may seem like a strict uniform body, the element of fun and excitement are not lost and forgotten. Any band member can guarantee you that. Band camp and Interpersonal Relationship activity are held annually. During those times, band will go wild. 😀 These activities will give you memories that will last you a lifetime. How can anyone ever forget if one were to scream, “JUST PULL! PULL! PULL THE GRASS UNTIL NAKED!” at the top of her lungs to 2 miserably blindfolded people who were searching for paperclips in the grass? It’s ridiculous! 😛

Bandies going wild

Anyway, joining band has its benefits. Besides helping you to understand music more, it will also help shape your personality and discipline. It will widen your circle of friends and give you memorable experiences. You will learn bucket loads of things, not only of music and discipline but of games and tricks as well. Many band members have joined the band warily. When asked why did they join band in the first place, it is often still a difficult question to answer. But rest assured, band is not just a place to make music or to collect KK marks.

Band – You scratch my back, I scratch your back

Band performances are numerous. The band has been invited to perform at numerous functions and has also participated in various events such as the Annual City Day Parade and the Band Display. Sometimes, we will also combine with other bands to perform for a specific function, as we did for the State-level Merdeka Celebration 2008. Once in a while, we will also cross the South China Sea for an educational tour. We have visited bands in Singapore and have also participated in the Forth Asian Symphonic Band Competition held in Bangkok, Thailand. Under the tutelage of International Music House (IMH), the band will continue to grow and improve itself.

As a proud band member myself, I can strongly say that band is more than just a club. It is a commitment.

Our little family

The random jokes and random talks we often hold in the morning,
I assure you that they are ever worth remembering;
Our clapping and tapping may be so contagious,
But our pom-ping and pam-ping are always the nicest,
So let us not just play for the crowd,
But let’s Play It Well, Play It Loud and Play It Proud!

One band, one family

    • Ernie Isnarti
    • November 26th, 2009

    i love band! hihik..

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