Band Camp 2015


On the 11th to the 13th of June, we had our band camp. The major objective of this camp was to practice for our upcoming performance on the 15th of August to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of our beloved school, St. Teresa, which be held at Riverside Majestic.

All 40 members that joined the camp were split into 5 teams which were Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple. This year’s band camp theme was Miscellaneous meaning they had all the freedom to choose whatever they want to call themselves according to the colour of their team.



On the first day of camp, the members had to be in school at 7.00 am. We started the day with registration then a quick briefing on the rules and the programme. At 8.00 am, we continued the day with sectionals. We had to add many sectionals and full band practices in this year’s band camp programme as the event we were preparing for is a very big event for us and the school. We also had a cheer off on the first day of camp to rise up the members spirits and to lighten the atmosphere.


On the second day of camp, we spent most of the day focusing on our music pieces and our new juniors. Then at 3.00 pm, we decided to have more fun. We had our group presentation then after a short interval, we had our station games!  It was drizzling slightly but that did not stop the members from having tons of fun. The members had to face different stations that test them in different ways. This was to help them bond among all the other members and to instil discipline in them.


On the last day of band camp, we started the day again with full band practice. This practice was extra important as we had to perform for our parents at the end of the day to show them what and how much we’ve learnt throughout the camp. After lunch, we had our postmortem and the mini performance for the parents. We also showed a quick montage of the things we did in band. Our parents were proud of us and we were proud of us. We ended the day sad as we close another chapter of our band life. The form 4s and myself would like to wish the band all the best in the future years to always bring our band to new heights and to keep band camp a necessary tradition in band.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank, Madam Yii Ling for guiding us throughout the camp together with Miss Chong, Madam Avelyn, Madam Cheing, Mister Noreffendi and Madam Chua, who had also found us the best caters for this year’s camp.



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