St. Teresa’s Cooperative Day 2015

On the 20th of May, our lovely school held its annual Cooperative Day in which we like to call, ‘Koperasi Day.’ It was definitely a day to look forward to as every club sold delicious food and assesories. Yes, our band sold some stuff too but before that, the formal part of the event was kicked off with the band playing the national anthem and the state anthem. The guest of honour and our dear principal also spoked a few words up on stage then we played You Raise Me Up and The Lion King. The formal part closed with the school song.

As for the informal part of the event, our band sold can isotonic drinks that was brought by our one and only head band teacher, Madam Yii Ling, Latecia Tania’s delicious egg sandwiches, Sharon’s ever so refreshing ice popsicles and Mildred’s gorgeous pink heart shaped waffles. The stall was guarded and lead by our two juniors, Jawai and Darlene.


It was certainly a fun day as we did different sort of styles to promote our stall. We even brought out our instruments and played songs to attract more attention and surely, it worked. The students actually bought our stuff just to stay and watch us play.

At the end of the day, we were sure that we had done a phenomenal job because there was absolutely nothing left on our stall. The money that we’ve earn was added into the band account for future purposes. We hope that soon, with the money that we will continue to earn from small events like this will one day get us our needed instruments.


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