2015 Band Audition

It’s a new year! And we all know what that means, new members! On the 24th of January 2015, the band had its annual recruitment day as well as other clubs in the school. This was the chance for the students to try out all the instruments and maybe get a spot in band so yes, it was a big deal for the band.

As usual, the band gathered in the band room at 8.00 am. The section leaders and their assistants set up tables and chairs and their instruments before we opened the doors for the students to come in and audition. Meanwhile, the rest of the band went around promoting our open day.imageimageimage

After we opened the doors, approximately 30 students were crowding right in front of the door waiting to come in. It was definitely very tiring having to briefly teach and evaluate every single person that auditioned but of course, we would do anything to keep the standard of the band as high as it is now.

We could only afford to bring in 7-10 students at one time so the committees had to distract the rest by giving them a little theory class. This way, they could all already know the basic of music. We ended the day, tired and at the same time pleased that our audition was such a big hit.

Not very long later in the week, the list of the newly confirmed members were posted up on the band board. We hope that these newly selected members will perform their best to continue the legacy that the band has established and to the ones who were unfortunately weren’t selected this year, to keep trying and never to give up on music.


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