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Band AGM 2011

This year’s AGM was organised by the Form 4’s. We were given a theme from the seniors: The Night of the Living Dead. The AGM was held at Heliconia, BanQuet.

Band AGM ticket designed by Abigail

Band AGM Poster designed by Abigail

The AGM was held on the 9th of July 2011. We did our preparation a week before the AGM and also on the day itself. πŸ˜€

working on the designs

trying to work on the dance move for the performance

Painting eyeballs

being vain with the zombie which was designed by Cindy πŸ™‚

putting everything together on the backdrop

and of course being vain at the same time

After all the decorations were set up and settled, we went home at noon and came back at 5pm to check on last minute changes. At around 6pm, guests started to arrive (and they were really really early).

Arrival of guests

our usherers bringing lost people

the form 2's having a group picture with two seniors budging in from behind

seniors posing for the camera

Flute senior and junior

our very busy receiptionist

our emcees hiding on the stairs to give a surprising entrance

Our very supportive teacher, Mr Teo who actually dressed up according to the theme for the night

the form 5's with their group picture

At 7pm, the dinner officially starts. Our emcees started by greeting everyone followed by a series of speeches by the representative of the band teachers; Mr Teo, the band instructor; Mr Marvin and the president; Michelle Goh.

our zombie emcees

the seniors with another group picture

saxophone section group photo

taking pictures while enjoying the food

another picture of eating while posing for the camera

After everyone has taken their food, it was time for the entertainment. The Form 4’s did the opening of the entertainment with a dance performance, Thriller. πŸ˜€

Lucky "Draw" first round

the next activity: Fashion Show

Michelle, taking the lead of the fashion show with her outfit: a vampire

then christine and amy decided to go in pairs with their costumes: an ah lien vampire and a witch

after that the seniors decided to go in groups of four consisted of a vampire, a loss memory kid, a devil and a dead Desperado

another group of seniors

the last group of models

the performance by the Form 1's with the title: You're My Senior

Lucky "Draw" second round

Sharon who was reluctant to do her dare which was to recite the band cheer in bimbo style

So, all the Form 5's decided to join in

performance by the Form 3's

Finalists for the Best Dressed Fashion Show

Best Dressed Contest: Third place, Michelle

Best Dressed Contest: Second place, Christine

Best Dressed Contest: First place, Eleena! πŸ™‚

the Form 5's performance

Announcement of the new committee member

Our new committee of 2011/2012!

President: Joan Ling

Vice President:Β Angelene Chin

Drum Majorette: Melody Chong

Conductress: Heather Tan

Secretary: Guinevere Liaw

Vice-secretary: Amelia Jong

Treasurer: Jennifer Choo

Uniform Mistress: Bridgette Philip

Duty Mistress:Β Aina Rashidah

As for our new Section Leaders and their assistants,Β we have…

Flute: Yvonne Sharon and Alicia Lee

Clarinet: Voon Geok Ting and Melissa Tiong

Saxophone: Nabilah Hazirah and Joyce Tiong

Trumpet: Gladys Tan and Athina Luqman

Trombone: Mariana Peter and Midori Ngieng

Horn:Β Odilia Tang

Basses (euphonium and tuba): Nadia Foo and Growenzie Grace

Percussion: Jennifer Choo and Khariyah Zailani

Basses's section leaders and assistant section leader

Trombone section leaders and assistant and seniors and 1 trumpeter and clarinetist budging in πŸ˜€

Flute section leaders and seniors

Duty Mistresses, Aina and Valentina

Bridgette and Martha, Uniform Mistresses

Vice Secretaries, Amelia and Rebecca

Secretaries, Guinevere and Valerie

The conductresses, Heather and Christine

Drum Majorettes, Melody, Sharon and Eleena

Our new Vice President, Angelene Chin

and the Presidents of the band, Joan and Michelle

the new band president giving her speech

The Form 5's group picture with the teachers and Mr Marvin

The whole band πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

the presidents with another picture

Percussion Section

The Flute Section

The Trombone Section

The Clarinet Section

The AGM was over. Everyone went home at 10.30pm and we had lots of fun. πŸ˜€ For more pictures (soon to be upload), visitΒΒ ‘s Facebook photos. πŸ™‚