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Form 4s’ Noticeboard 2010!

Finally it’s the form 4s turn to design a new noticeboard 🙂

This was our first design, personally handled by Eleena Bakrie.

COOL LOOKING, RIGHT? 😀 hahahah! But then it got old and faded, so we had to say goodbye.

So for our next noticeboard, we decided to involve EVERYBODY! 😀 we gave each of our members a small piece of coloured paper, and asked them to write what band IS to each of them. We had many many responses 🙂

and many many others. (‘:

(credits to Danielle Tan for the above!)

band is about…

togetherness in practices, with determination and dedication..

having fun with friends and music….

getting to know seniors and juniors of different ages…

and not caring what others think! xD


you got that right. (:


photo credits © Alicia Eng & Christine Ling, 2010