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February Events

We resumed practices as usual after an eventful January. We had sectionals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and combined practices on Saturdays with our instructor from International Music House (IMH), Mr. Marvin Jong. We started our combined practices on Saturday with warm ups such as scales. Then, attendance would be taken. This is then followed by sectionals where the section leader from each section would teach their new juniors the proper way of blowing instruments and the ‘Rubank’. Meanwhile, the other seniors would practice the pieces assigned. By ten a.m., the seniors would practice together in the band room with the guidance and help of Mr. Marvin and the juniors would be taught some basic theory to aid them in sight reading. Practices would end by 12 p.m. During one of our sectionals on the 13th of February, we received another piece entitled ‘The Check is in the Mail’. On the 20th of February, we were given another new piece instead, ‘Footloose’. We are practicing this piece for the upcoming celebration of the school’s 125th anniversary.



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