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January Report

The first band meeting of the year was used for registration. All the current band members and the new juniors arrived in the band room on this day to give their names to the current Band Committee.

The St Teresa’s Band Committee 09/10 also held the band audition for the newcomers this year. The tradition of band audition is held every year to let the new juniors try out different instruments and to make the committees job easier to determine who should be in which section. This was exactly what was done by the section leaders and assistant section leaders. The other band members were asked to rearrange pieces into appropriate files and go for sectionals. After the auditions were done, everyone was called back into the band room for a short briefing from Madam Kong and the President of the band, Stephanie Nina. The newcomers were also informed about some of the band rules.

In the month of January, the band also had movie day. Mr. Marvin, the band instructor from IMH, had arrived that morning to set up some of his equipment and we were all asked to pay attention while watching the movie ‘Swing Girls’. The objective of watching this movie was to give the band an idea what a big band was suppose to sound like. Mr. Marvin wants the band to work towards becoming a big band.

Aside from those activities, the band has had normal practices going on for the remainder of the month. Sectionals were usually held for an hour before Mr Marvin arrived to work on our new pieces for the 125thanniversary dinner of the school.

Reported by,

Michelle Goh