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Sports’ Day 2009

It’s that time of the year again. Our school’s annual Sports’ Day.

Oh how we love Sports’ Day.

We reached Jubilee Ground before daybreak (at 6.30 a.m.) and did our warm-ups. Then we were instructed to walk one round around the track to warm ourselves up before marching.

As the first event started, band members sheltered at the side and cheered for our own comrades as we do every year. It was a fairly hot morning to start with but most of us came prepared. Some squeezed their way under Ginny’s pink umbrella while others brought along China fans to fan themselves.

And some, with a stretch of creativity (or perhaps desperation), took cover…

… behind a bass drum.

P4020151 copy

Nonetheless, as the event came to an end, we got into our respective position in the block.

Gloves worn, instrument straps fastened and with our heads held high, we stood in attention.

Elaine and Ginny were the photographers of the day.

DSC00365 copy

That was not us in attention but being nice, Elaine and Ginny asked that they posed properly with smiles and all.

Clearly the band members were still enjoying themselves.

We were allowed to be at ease after Elizabeth was satisfied with our block so Elaine and Ginny took the opportunity to snap more pictures. Sports’ Day is a day of fun and games. Therefore it would be wrong to strip band members off the fun of the day with strict-looking pictures of themselves.

DSC00367 copy

As we always do before a performance on the actual day, the committee gave some words of encouragement after all the fussing on uniform and tuning the hour before. We had a short moment of silence before the start of the whole thing.

And then the opening ceremony began.

DSC00371 copy

Leading the march past, the band played 2 pieces as it approach the Grand Stand – Abington Ridge and Sideline Shuffle.

Taking Sideline Shuffle, a swing piece to field was a bold move but the band did well as good feedback was received.

DSC00374 copy

After the gong was sounded, the band was dismissed. We wished luck to those participating in events.

Sports’ Day this year was a success. With the fair weather on our side, the band performed brilliantly.

Every year, the band does its honour of leading the march past. Such an honour should never be taken for granted or be forgotten. None should ever take a Sports’ Day performance for just a performance. The pride that comes with it should be one that we remember.

P4020132 copy

After all, Sports’ Day makes many things possible – like the taking of that magnificent shot of our drum major.