Band Camp 2015


On the 11th to the 13th of June, we had our band camp. The major objective of this camp was to practice for our upcoming performance on the 15th of August to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of our beloved school, St. Teresa, which be held at Riverside Majestic.

All 40 members that joined the camp were split into 5 teams which were Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple. This year’s band camp theme was Miscellaneous meaning they had all the freedom to choose whatever they want to call themselves according to the colour of their team.



On the first day of camp, the members had to be in school at 7.00 am. We started the day with registration then a quick briefing on the rules and the programme. At 8.00 am, we continued the day with sectionals. We had to add many sectionals and full band practices in this year’s band camp programme as the event we were preparing for is a very big event for us and the school. We also had a cheer off on the first day of camp to rise up the members spirits and to lighten the atmosphere.


On the second day of camp, we spent most of the day focusing on our music pieces and our new juniors. Then at 3.00 pm, we decided to have more fun. We had our group presentation then after a short interval, we had our station games!  It was drizzling slightly but that did not stop the members from having tons of fun. The members had to face different stations that test them in different ways. This was to help them bond among all the other members and to instil discipline in them.


On the last day of band camp, we started the day again with full band practice. This practice was extra important as we had to perform for our parents at the end of the day to show them what and how much we’ve learnt throughout the camp. After lunch, we had our postmortem and the mini performance for the parents. We also showed a quick montage of the things we did in band. Our parents were proud of us and we were proud of us. We ended the day sad as we close another chapter of our band life. The form 4s and myself would like to wish the band all the best in the future years to always bring our band to new heights and to keep band camp a necessary tradition in band.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank, Madam Yii Ling for guiding us throughout the camp together with Miss Chong, Madam Avelyn, Madam Cheing, Mister Noreffendi and Madam Chua, who had also found us the best caters for this year’s camp.




Puan Hasbah’s retirement

On the 28th of May, we had an assembly to honour Puan Hasbah’s years of teaching and devotion in our school. The assembly was at 12 noon together with the afternoon session students as Puan Hasbah was an afternoon teacher. The assembly started as usual with the national and the state anthem lead by the band.

Afterwards, the assembly continued with a little thank you speech from our principal, Puan Mary John and later a speech by the one and only, Puan Hasbah. After the giving of gifts, our band played Auld Lang Syne and The Lion King. It was a very sad day as we had to let go of another great teacher.

 The band and I would like to thank Puan Hasbah for all her hard work and her patience in teaching us students. We will miss you, teacher!


Sports Day 2015

Our school held its annual Sports Day on the 22nd of May at Stadium Jubilee. This year was a little different for the band because we marched in our new uniforms! We definitely stand out a little more than we usually did.

The members gathered at the stadium at 7.00 am to set up. After we tuned, all the contingents were told to make their way to the tracks where we lined up and waited for the event to start. The band played The Hustle, Abington Ridge, Sousa Spectacular and an additional song, I Want You Back. We also played the national and the state anthem.


Us! (Photo taken from Ain’s twitter 😚)


St. Teresa’s Cooperative Day 2015

On the 20th of May, our lovely school held its annual Cooperative Day in which we like to call, ‘Koperasi Day.’ It was definitely a day to look forward to as every club sold delicious food and assesories. Yes, our band sold some stuff too but before that, the formal part of the event was kicked off with the band playing the national anthem and the state anthem. The guest of honour and our dear principal also spoked a few words up on stage then we played You Raise Me Up and The Lion King. The formal part closed with the school song.

As for the informal part of the event, our band sold can isotonic drinks that was brought by our one and only head band teacher, Madam Yii Ling, Latecia Tania’s delicious egg sandwiches, Sharon’s ever so refreshing ice popsicles and Mildred’s gorgeous pink heart shaped waffles. The stall was guarded and lead by our two juniors, Jawai and Darlene.


It was certainly a fun day as we did different sort of styles to promote our stall. We even brought out our instruments and played songs to attract more attention and surely, it worked. The students actually bought our stuff just to stay and watch us play.

At the end of the day, we were sure that we had done a phenomenal job because there was absolutely nothing left on our stall. The money that we’ve earn was added into the band account for future purposes. We hope that soon, with the money that we will continue to earn from small events like this will one day get us our needed instruments.


2015 Band Audition

It’s a new year! And we all know what that means, new members! On the 24th of January 2015, the band had its annual recruitment day as well as other clubs in the school. This was the chance for the students to try out all the instruments and maybe get a spot in band so yes, it was a big deal for the band.

As usual, the band gathered in the band room at 8.00 am. The section leaders and their assistants set up tables and chairs and their instruments before we opened the doors for the students to come in and audition. Meanwhile, the rest of the band went around promoting our open day.imageimageimage

After we opened the doors, approximately 30 students were crowding right in front of the door waiting to come in. It was definitely very tiring having to briefly teach and evaluate every single person that auditioned but of course, we would do anything to keep the standard of the band as high as it is now.

We could only afford to bring in 7-10 students at one time so the committees had to distract the rest by giving them a little theory class. This way, they could all already know the basic of music. We ended the day, tired and at the same time pleased that our audition was such a big hit.

Not very long later in the week, the list of the newly confirmed members were posted up on the band board. We hope that these newly selected members will perform their best to continue the legacy that the band has established and to the ones who were unfortunately weren’t selected this year, to keep trying and never to give up on music.


Band Visits to Charity Homes

On the 20th and 21st of December, the band made visits to The Salvation Army and Cheshire Home respectively. Since it is the month of December, we decided to entertain them with classic Christmas songs which were Winter Wonderland, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Holiday Favourites.

The band very first visit to The Salvation Army were warmly welcomed by the children and their teachers. The smiles on their faces gave us the spirit to make their Christmas a memorable one by performing our best. To make the night even more cheerful, we also played Disney songs which were A Whole New World, Circle of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight.



On the next night, the band was also welcomed with open arms on our visit to Cheshire Home. They were really excited to see us as some of them have never seen musical instruments. We played our Christmas songs as they clapped and swayed along which made us really happy.



This amazing experience has definitely taught us to be more grateful and appreciative with what we already have and also to never treat anyone any different just because of their background.

The Symphonic Brass Band of St. Teresa would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

– Sharon

CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent (Singapore)’s Concert Band Visit to St. Teresa

On the 15th and 16th of November, the band was visited by Singapore’s CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent’s concert band. The visit was part of their cultural exchange trip to Sarawak, and we were more than happy to welcome them.

The first day started at 3:30 pm. Activities were kept to a minimum in consideration for our visitors who were exhausted from their afternoon flight.

We started with a short welcome speech from our Band Major. We then had a simple introduction of each member where one had to state her name, age, and the instrument she plays. Our members did well to ensure that the atmosphere was far from awkward as they cheerfully stood up and introduced themselves. The Singaporeans were no less enthusiastic, and the ice-breaking went smoothly.

After that the members were sent for sectionals with their added family members. The objective of the sectionals was to allow members of each section to bond among themselves and perhaps learn a few things. At 4:30 pm, the program’s participants were given light refreshments. Members then kept their instruments and ended the day’s program at 5:00 pm.


Our members (to the left of the photo), our visitors (to the right of the photo) and their teachers (at the back) listening intently as the Band Major gave her speech.

sectionals - flute

The flutes doing their warm-ups together.

sectionals - basses

Our visitors playing a song for the Basses.

The program continued the next day and this time our visitors arrived at 2:30 pm. It was finally time for some real action!

We started the day off as a full band. It was a combined band made up of two schools – definitely something new for our members! After the warm-ups, we played two simple pieces. CHIJ’s coach – Madam Tham Siew Haw – tried her hand at conducting “Hey Baby!”, and Mr Brian conducted “A Whole New World”. Both pieces were played beautifully.

After that, each school performed two pieces for each other. It was a refreshing experience as we had the opportunity to listen to and observe them from up close. Light refreshments were given after the performances.

Madam Tham conducts her band as our members spectate from the side.

Madam Tham conducting her band as our members spectate from the side.

After the light refreshments, everyone returned to the room for a workshop from Mr Brian, who played his trombone to demonstrate some of his points. The workshop was helpful as it also introduced ways to improve one’s musical performance.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. After a heartfelt gift exchange between the schools, everyone packed up. The program ended at 5:00 pm. Before our visitors departed, there was the expected group photo session at the school field (along with a couple of wefies). The sun shone beautifully that evening. Almost as though it was for the photo.

It was a wonderful program altogether and we will definitely miss our friends.

It was a beautiful evening. Almost as though it was made for this group photo.

Everyone looking absolutely photogenic.